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Use Text to Increase Your Podcast's Listenership

Crafting a compelling podcast episode description is just as important as the episode itself. Learn how to write descriptions that convince listeners to tune in. Get the guide, read the article, or book a session


Boost your podcast’s listenership by using this guide to craft podcast episode descriptions. It contains five pieces of advice and questions to help you follow them. This guide will save you time and frustration when writing or giving feedback on a text. Save it on your virtual or physical desktop – it’s formatted in A4 for printing


Want to know more about podcast episode descriptions and why they matter? Read this article ‘The Power of Words: 5 Ways to Use Text to Increase Your Podcast’s Listenership’ written by Lene Heiselberg & Camilla Sager


Looking to take your podcast to the next level? I offer a range of dynamic workshops and engaging sessions that will help you and your team craft podcast episode descriptions. With both online and in-person options available, you can choose the format that works best for you. Feel free to reach out to talk options.

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